Animal Magic – Losing My Dog

When I posted about the ‘relaunch’ of this little online space of mine, I had every intention of doing weekly blog posts… But then four days after said relaunch, my boy Charlie passed away, and it completely shook me. He’d been with us for five and a half years, and he’d blossomed into the happiest […]

Introducing The Positive Post Project!

  I’m really excited to be able to share this with you today. This idea has been brewing for a couple of months now, and I’ve finally managed to get everything into place to begin. So without further ado, here is ‘The Positive Post Project!’ The idea   I’ve always been someone who wants to […]

Animal Magic – Saying Goodbye to Thumper

I remember the first day that Thumper was carried into our home. He was in a cardboard box that had previously housed bananas, and he was¬†breathing frantically¬†and trying to figure out what on earth was going on. I toddled over to him and gently stroked his perfect little nose and he turned his head slightly […]

EDS Awareness Month | How You Can Help

For the fourth and final post in this little EDS series I wanted to put together a small collection of charities and appeals that you can help with by reading, sharing or donating/fundraising – or by doing all of them!   EDS is a complex illness, as I hope I’ve explained in previous posts. Because […]