Positive Post

The idea

I’ve always been someone who wants to connect with people and spread positivity, but over the past few years it’s become increasingly difficult for me to do so because of my illnesses. I don’t have the energy to leave the house to socialise every day, and most days the only people I have the energy to speak to are my parents. Then a while ago I was watching ‘Surprise, Surprise,’ and I heard about the wonderful work of Jodi (onemillionlovelyletters). Amid my happy tears I said to my mom: “I want to do something like that!”

Subsequently, a few months ago, I discovered the lettering community on instagram – essentially a bunch of wonderful people who help each other to improve their lettering and calligraphy skills. I decided to jump on the bandwagon, and really fell in love with lettering and calligraphy. I’ve learnt so much from all of them, and continue to learn more and more each day.


And so, ‘The Positive Post Project’ is born!! (Plus, it’s free!)

How it works

You can either request a quote for yourself or you can nominate somebody else to receive one (and you can even remain anonymous if you so wish.) You/ they will receive a unique, hand-lettered quote of your choice, made just for you/ them. Some will be colourful and some will be strikingly simple in black and white, but all will be hand-lettered by me and sent for free! I don’t know if I’ll get much of a response to this so it’s difficult to predict how it will all work out, but I intend to fulfil every request that I receive.

Now, I am only one person. And a very sleepy, pained one at that. So I can’t put a timescale on how quickly I’ll be able to make each one. But please know that every single quote I letter will be filled with love and positivity. Also, I’m not a professional at lettering or calligraphy by any means, so please don’t expect perfect letterforms!

I’m happy to post internationally, but since I’m in the UK the post could take a little longer to reach you.

All quote requests are welcome, as long as they’re not mean! And your email address will only be used for me to hop into your inbox to check that you’ve received your positive post – but of course I understand if you’d rather not provide it.