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About 18 months ago I decided to take the plunge and start a blog. I’d recently returned from a trip to the US, had been living in the family lounge for nearly two years and was about to undertake a third A-level from home. I was very overwhelmed, to say the least, but I couldn’t let myself think about it all too much because I knew I could so easily become buried in it. As you may already know; I’m an introvert through and through, and so being surrounded by and tangled up in other people’s lives 24/7 was a heck of a lot for me to deal with. And little did I know, several months after starting aforementioned A-level, my health would deteriorate even more and I’d have to give it up.

I needed something that I could pour my nervous energy into; something that was just mine – and so Iswell was born. When I started out with it, I didn’t have much confidence. I’d lived with an abusive person until the age of 14, and I’d never really had a chance to be myself and be confident in who I am. It took a couple of years of living with the most wonderful parents in the world before my confidence started to improve, but my health also coincidentally declined. And suddenly in October of 2013, I was confined to a hospital bed in the lounge with nothing more than the kitchen sink for hygiene. I spent the next two and a half years feeling like the world’s biggest burden, and anyone and everyone who visited our house would essentially walk straight into my bedroom and see me in my bed, feeling and looking my worst. Plus I suddenly had acne, and so any confidence I had built up in the couple of years prior just dissipated.

And then, on the 28th of February 2016, I finally moved into my fully accessible bedroom (& bathroom!) and I finally started to feel like a nineteen year old. And then sadly and suddenly in July I lost my sweet crazy bun Thumper, and that really shook me. He’d lived in the lounge with me since we found him, and he didn’t get to enjoy this wonderful new room for very long before he passed away – which breaks my heart. Figuring out how to deal with the loss of such a special part of my life was very difficult, and I lost a part of myself when I lost him.

In the March before Thumper passed away, another sweet bunny came into my life after my sister found him wandering the streets; just like Thumps. His name is Simba and he is an utter lovebug, and in October 2016 I adopted a pal for him. Her name is Daphne and she is an utter fruitcake. They both bring so much joy to my life, like all my fluffs do, and every day with them is bittersweet. Bitter because I miss Thumper so very much, but sweet because without him who knows when I would have discovered my love and passion for rabbits, and because of him I have the sweetest pair of bunnies. (I of course plan on doing an Animal Magic post about Simba and Daphne too!)

It’s fair to say that a lot has changed since my first blog post. I began with the goal of doing two posts a week, but that didn’t last for very long because I started putting my energy into other things. And so now I have this blog, and there’s so much I want to do with it, but figuring out the frequency of posts is a bit tricky. So for now, I’m going to do my very best to post at least once a week, but there will most likely be weeks when I’m just too unwell for that, or I have a bunch of hospital appointments that zap away my energy.

The topics of my blog will stay the same as they are now, but with some added stuff! I still love all things cruelty-free in the beauty world, but nowadays I’m more likely to use my spoons to go to an arty shop rather than Boots 😉  I now have a completely vegan diet, and I’m filtering out all of the non-vegan products that I use – in the meantime, as ever, every beauty product that’s on here will be marked as vegan or non-vegan. I don’t know how much beauty stuff I will actually post about though, purely because I pour my energy (and money hahaha) more so into other things now. I’m also hoping to do some lettering posts/ tutorials, and I plan on opening up a shop within the site where I can sell my designs (exciting stuff!) There will also be the odd book review – I still read a lot, I just forget to write about each book as I’m always too eager to start the next one on my list. Positive Post will remain the same, and I wholeheartedly adore doing that.

If you’ve read all of this then I’m giving you a high-five and a big ol’ bear hug. I really want this online space to be a reflection of me and all of the things that I’m passionate about, and I plan on bringing as much honesty as I possibly can to it. So let’s do this! <3

As a way of telling you that you’re wonderful, I’ve lettered the Banksy piece for you for FREE! I hope it can be a reminder that you can do all the things, even if you have to take a really long nap first.

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